An Entry Level Guide to Video Blogging

In Step 1, we take a look at some basic equipment, and how you create your video clips:




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Jeremy Latham
November 21, 2006

Very nice tutorial Jordan! Have you looked into some free screen recorder (capture) software too? It would make software tutorials so easy to understand!

I found one that looks alright for free, no sound though.

I’m sure there are some better ones out there.

November 21, 2006

Thanks for the tip, Jeremy.

I did a search for something that was web based, free and did everything that I needed, but the search came up fruitless. Even my advanced editing software doesn’t have the ease of use and reliability of Windows Movie Maker (for capturing video and audio at least), so I use it and then edit with Sony Vegas. (Although WMM will handle basic edits too)

In truth, I long for iLife. So go ahead Mac users, thumb your noses at me.

In the editing section though, I might point to web apps like, where you can do editing and video sharing all in one.

Sean Moffitt
November 24, 2006

Perhaps the most helpful post I’ve read in months — c’mon though when you tried to learn this yourself – weren’t you pulling your hair out reading pg. 93 of soem XP manual on why something wasn’t working…realistically, how many hours to get a basic amateur up to speed with video blogging – I’ll be curious –if it’s as simple as you say, I am going to have to correct Shel Holtz’s words from last week when he mentioned that podcasting will never go away…thanks for the tips

November 24, 2006

Sean, all great questions. In truth, as a former tv producer, this stuff does come quite a bit more naturally to me. I wanted to create a beginners guide, but I didn’t want to start at the very beginning, as in “how to install your new webcam,” etc.

As long as one has a webcam and mic installed, Windows Movie Maker will recognize it as a hardware device, and capturing clips should be every bit as easy as I’ve indicated. The complexities really are in editing, compression and publishing, as I’ll cover soon. Although I have no interest in using Windows Movie Maker as my editing software all the time, I will be using it for the sake of the demo (for the first time, I might add) and that should offer enough of a tutorial for a “power user” of the web like yourself to make a podcast happen pretty easily. Editing becomes pretty instinctual, and quite fun really, and uploading to the video sharing sites is a snap.

Honestly, the most difficult part of video blogging is content; not just whether the content is worth talking about, but more importantly whether I can make it seem remotely compelling while staring into a small lens (not a skill I was born with, my wife has all the talent there).

By the way, for you to say that this is the most helpful post you’ve read in months is a massive compliment Sean. And I am grateful.

Michael Wagner
November 24, 2006

Really helpful post Jordan!

I’m feeling the pull to video blogging.

Thanks for putting this together.

Keep creating,

November 30, 2006

I cannot view the video … it doesnt appear on my screen. It might be that I have to upgrade my flashplayer but I usually dont have this issue.

Lisa R
December 4, 2006

Hey Jeremy, ok, I did it. Took my first video footage and brought it into windows movie maker. I’m ready to do some editing. Where’s your next tip?;)

December 4, 2006

Lisa, please accept my apologies. I usually get some time to make an episode on the weekends, but my dance card has been full of late.

I promise I will have the next two episodes out by Christmas, and I will email you instructions as to how to start editing right away.



Get Shouty
August 20, 2007

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